Your CV is a short review of your professional development, the education level you have achieved and skills you have acquired. There are no exact or strict rules on how to write it and you can find a lot of samples on the Internet which you can download and adjust to your professional history. However, there are several categories of information which every CV should include:

  • A passport style photo

    It should be placed in the upper right corner of the CV. The photo should be recent, taken no more than 2 years ago. It should also be clear that it was specifically intended for your CV, i.e. it should not be a photo from a party, a trip with friends and you should not look negligent in it. You are looking for a job and every company expects applicants to take it seriously.

  • Names, address, birth date (not mandatory), telephone, e-mail

    It is important that the email address includes your name or initials and not a nickname, symbols, digits, short or affectionate names or any other name which demonstrates a casual attitude towards the open position.

  • List your spheres of expertise

    For example: Wholesale, Retail, Export, Logistics, Management, Accounting, Finance, IT services, etc. List no more than six items.

  • List your professional qualities

    For example: organized, efficient, good at managing priorities, team player, leadership skills, loyalty, etc. List no more than six items.

  • Professional experience

    Describe your professional experience, starting from your last job, followed by the previous one, the one before and so on, and finish with your first job. For each position you should describe your duties and responsibilities in five or six short sentences.

    I you have extensive experience with numerous job positions, you can select the last four or five, as the CV should be no longer than two or three pages.

  • Education

    Describe your education and qualifications, starting from the most recently completed level.

  • Language skills

    List the languages you use, describing the level of written and oral proficiency: А1, А2, В1, В2, C1, C2 or average, good, very good, excellent.

  • Computer skills

    If you have no specialized computer skills, but have a general computer literacy, you can include Microsoft office for example.

  • Driving licence

    You can indicate if you have a valid driving licence in case the position you are applying for requires travelling.

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